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Acoustical Panels Buses Door (Water-cooled) Open Bridge Deck Ski-tow Towers Tanks
Agricultural Equipment Cable Guards Exhaust Fans - Industrial Outdoor Signboard Supports Snow Plow Parts Towboats
Air Conditioning Equipment Cable Trays Flash Chamber - Evaporators Outside Storage Racks Spray Dryers Traffic Signal boxes/Lights
Airport Runway Lights Cladding Floor Parts Pipe - Structural Stack/Stacks Liners Transformer Shells
Air Pre heaters Concrete Forms Frame Expansion Joints Pole Line Hardware Stack Regulators Transmission Towers
Amusement Park Rides Containers Door (Water-cooled) Pollution Control Equipment Stairs and Handrails Trash barrels
Auto Transport Loading Ramps Conveyors Door (Water-cooled) Pontoons/Pontoon Grating Steam-generating Apparatus Trenching Machinery
Baghouse Dust Collectors Dams and Locks Exhaust Fans - Industrial Pumps and Pump Parts Storage Containers Trolley Cars
Bins Derricks Flash Chamber - Evaporators Railroad Rolling Stock Stove Parts Trucks
Blast Plates Ductwork Floor Parts Open Bridge Deck Structural Conveyor Tubes Tubing - Mechanical
Blowers Electric Dust Precipitators Ladders Railroad Signal Towers and Boxes Tanks Ventilation Louvers
Bolts and Nuts Earth-moving Equipments Light Standards Rakes - Classifier Towboats Wheelbarrows
We can make the availability to you for any thickness and any type such as Cold & Hot rolled within 8 weeks from the date of the confirmed order
The sizes available shall depend as per the quantity required and the thickness required . There are various manufacturers who follow various norms.
There are mainly 4 systems and the same shall depend on the application of the product.
1. Tray panel fixing
2. Welded sheets.
3. Hanging systems
4. Riveted systems
This shall depend on the type of system, quantity, thickness.
We generally do not suggest any treatment on the external surface. The material itself forms a coating for itself which does not allow the same to get deteriorated & thus decreasing the corrosion rate.